Naturally raised free range pigs and free range chickens

About Te Rata Family Farm

Te Rata Family Farm is the permanent home of us – Bert, Rebecca, James, Miriam, Lillian, Sarah and Andy Borger.

We like to feel that it is also the second home of many members of our extended family, our friends and of the people who work with us.

The farm is on 400 acres of hilly country on the northern side of the Kaipara, the harbour that stretches from Helensville in the south to Dargaville in the north.

Our farm runs free range chickens, sheep, cattle, goats and heritage Tamworth pigs.

Our animals are raised in the most ethical and natural ways possible. All – including our 12,000 chickens – have permanent access to pasture. We don’t use artificial fertilisers and limit the use of sprays and avoid using any chemicals.

It’s a good life, based on faith, family, friends, the outdoors, hard work and good food. We know we’re extraordinarily privileged to be able to live in this way, and we're loving every minute of it.

Once upon a time, just about every New Zealander had family on farms like ours, and holidays in the country and a parcel of meat to take home were commonplace.

But not anymore, which is why at Te Rata we have regular open days where you get to see and share in our farm life.