Naturally raised free range pigs and free range chickens


Family Farm on Rural Delivery - 14 July 2012

TV1 farming program "Rural Delivery" discuss with the Borgers their free range poultry and free range pigs.

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Country Calendar Cookbook (printed August 2011)

Te Rata Family Farm, along with 20 other farming families, was selected to feature in the Country Calendar Cookbook. Celebrity chef Allyson Gofton cooks her way around New Zealand meeting Country Calendar families and sharing recipes.


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Family Farm on Fair Go - 16 February 2011

Ali Mau and the Fair Go team arrived before 7am to shoot a story on country of origin labelling. They chose Te Rata Family Farm as their backdrop and also interviewed Bert on his views on product labelling.

The early arrival meant they were in time to help feed the pigs and get some good shots before the day got hot and the pigs headed under the trees to sleep in the shade. After filming and interviews we enjoyed coffee and muffins on the deck before they headed back to Auckland mid morning.

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Nathan Borger

Nathan Borger from '' came and stayed for three weeks and had a blast working on the farm and taking heaps of photos. View his series of photos titled 'Through Nathan's Lens' which include scenes from around our farm, the helicopter spraying on our neighbours farm, down the road, Bert familiarising himself with his new digger and Nathan himself butchering the first goat he had shot before he cooked it for dinner.

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The Te Rata Family Farm story is spreading. Here's what's been said about us:

Open Day April 2010

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Country CalendarCountry Calendar

On 9th May 2009, New Zealand's favourite television farming show, Country Calendar, featured a story on the Te Rata Family Farm.
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Organic New ZealandOrganic NZ

In September 2007, Organic NZ, the magazine of the New Zealand Soil and Health Association, featured a story on our organic egg operation as part of a feature on free-range chooks.

Your Weekend

In February, Your Weekend magazine, which features in the Dominion Post, Press and Waikato Times newspapers on Saturdays, spoke to us about the growing trend for domestic chook-keeping.