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All our eggs are marketed under the FRENZ brand and are available throughout New Zealand (

Layer hens

Chicken facts (FAQ):

  • Cost is $10.00 per bird for a premium bird (very pretty and full feathered).
  • or $8.00 per bird for a standard bird.
  • We catch your ordered chickens the night before delivery/collection.
  • These chickens are approx 75 weeks old and are still laying.
  • Their breed is Brown Shavers (good reliable layers).
  • Each chicken needs 130g of chicken pellets each day to lay well.
  • You can buy chicken pellets from RD1, PGG Wrightsons and Farmlands etc.
  • They have not had their wings clipped.
  • Bring a strong box or some other suitable container to transport them in - bags are not suitable.
  • There is no delivery cost.