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Our Story

Bert and Rebecca moved north from Wellington in 2003 and in partnership with Rebecca's parents, Don and Jenny, converted the woolshed into a home and a 'run-off block' into a free range chicken and beef farm. 

Seventeen years later, James who was only a month old when we arrived, is keen to take over the chicken operation and move it from supplying a corporation to supplying directly to the customer.  We call it 'Share-farming', a bit like share milking but with chickens and eggs. 

Our Eggs

Tasty eggs come from happy hens, living a care free life.  

All our eggs are laid, collected and then delivered straight to you, the customer.

International research shows that the eggs from free ranging hens have added health benefits  including Omega-3, Vitamin A, D and E. 

Our yokes are the proof.....

rich, yellow and yummy.

Animal Welfare

Our animals are raised in the most ethical and natural ways possible.  

We don't use artificial fertilisers, we limit the use of sprays, and we avoid using any chemicals on our animals.

Our chickens are up early each morning and spend the day as chickens love to do, eating, foraging under the trees, and dust bathing.  As the sun sets they head for home to roost in warmth and safety. 

Delivery Zones

Weekly deliveries are made to the following areas:








For deliveries on the North Shore


If you'd like to comment on something you've seen about us or to go on the mailing list to come to an open day, we'd love to hear from you.

The best way to contact us is by email. With a farm to run and a family to raise, we're often not around to answer the phone.

Bert and Rebecca Borger

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