Some of my earliest memories include 'helping' Dad build a new chicken shed and when Country Calendar came to film our farm and family.  

I love the out-doors and birds (chickens) and see this as a great way to enter the 'mighty realm' of farmers and businessmen.

I finished school last year and I'm excited to be starting my first business with my parents.

Since I was little my ambition has been to be a chicken farmer.

Farming is a bug easily caught and hard to be cured from.  I caught it as a youngster on my uncles farm; however it wasn't until I was in my thirties that I got to start farming.

When we brought our 400 acres in 2003, it was mainly rough grazing land with an old wool-shed.  With the help of neighbours, friends and family it has been transformed into a thriving free range chicken and beef farm.  Our slice of paradise, the produce of which we want you to enjoy as well. 

Rebecca Borger
Rebecca Borger
Beef farmer and Co-Owner

Bert and I dreamed of leaving the city life when we started a family and desired to bring  our children up on a farm.  We wanted them to have both parents around all the time.  This desire has been richly rewarded.  

I'm excited that at 17 years old, James has taken to chicken farming and is keen to start his own business.  I'm also enjoying share-farming with him and  mentoring him in many aspects of running a business.

The other six children, their home schooling and the beef operation keep me busy day-to-day.  I'd have it no other way!

Don and Jenny Petchell
Egg Distributor

We are Rebecca's parents and love spending time with the family at the farm and helping out where we can.

It was a great opportunity, 17 years ago for me, Don, to leave teaching high school kids and realise a life-long dream of becoming a farmer.  I throughly enjoyed the years I spent working full time on the farm before I retired. Now it is good to take life a bit easier and leave the 'hard work' to the next generations.

Our Story

Te Rata Family Farm is our home.

We are, Bert, Rebecca, James, Miriam, Lillian, Kohby-Hendrik, Sarah, Sammi and Andy Borger. 

The farm is on 400 acres of hilly country just north of Paparoa, Northland.  Where we raise free range chickens and graze beef cattle.

Our animals are raised in the most ethical and natural ways possible.  We don’t use artificial fertilisers and limit the use of sprays.  It’s a good life, based on faith, family, friends, the outdoors, hard work and good food. We know we’re extraordinarily privileged to be able to live in this way.

Bert and Rebecca moved north from Wellington in 2003 and in partnership with Rebecca's parents, Don and Jenny, converted the woolshed into a home and a 'run-off block' into a free range chicken and beef farm. 

17 years later, James who was only a month old when we arrived, is keen to take over the chicken operation and move it from supplying a corporation to supplying directly to the customer.  The partnership with James and Bert and Rebecca, we call 'Share-farming', a bit like share milking but with chickens and eggs. 

Our (fantastic) Team

James Borger
James Borger
Young Farmer
Bert (Egbert) Borger
Bert Borger
Owner and founder

Because we believe strongly that all animals should be treated humanly;  James on behalf of the business, has signed the international statement 'Every Living Thing'.

The Every Living Thing statement is a Christian document about the right treatment of animals, it highlights the importance of right stewardship.

Please check the statement out at -